Global temperatures
National Climate Data Center

Have you been hearing commentators and politicians declare that most scientists still don’t agree on global warming? (Completely untrue.)

Or that a little thicker blanket of carbon dioxide blanket will simply tickle the corn higher and trees greener? (As if.) Or that these reports calling global warming “unequivocal” are based on “junk science”? (Thank Alaska Republican legislators for that one.)

Or maybe you’ve caught snatches of more technical illuminations that seem to prove Al Gore has taken an anti-American economy plunge into raving hysteria. Things like — the Greenland ice cap has been expanding not shrinking. The Arctic melt has actually stopped (since it was so cold in Alaska in February.) Most warming took place before 1948. Most warming stopped in 1998. It was way warmer during the Medieval Upper Permian Fern Dry Spell and that proves, of course, that there’s nothing to worry about.

And you think it’s emissions from people? What a hoot. It’s the Sun, Stupid!

Well, there’s a new antidote to such conservative disinformation.

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