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February 25th, 2007

Of Alaska’s Ravens

A terrific collection of raven images by photographer Bob Hallinen graced the feature pages of the Anchorage Daily News on Sunday (Feb. 25). The accompanying story, by longtime writer Debra McKinney, will charm you.

Ravens converge on Anchorage each winter morning in a calculated invasion that is as shrewd as it is punctual. The big black birds perch on light poles and prance through parking lots. They call down to humans with melodic klooo-awks. What are they saying? No one knows.

At the end of the day, after feasting on fries and chicken bones and discarded buns and even a few dead things, the ravens take flight, winging toward the mountains in straight lines. They know what they’re doing. It’s uncanny.

Read more about Ravens in the City, and a study that tried to track them to their roosts.

February 25th, 2007
Updated April 1, 2007 @ 1:19 pm

Polar year begins

Peter West / NSF

A ceremony kicking off the U.S. research juggernaut for the International Polar Year will be held Feb. 26 (Monday) and broadcast live over the web. Hosted by National Academies and the National Science Foundation, the three-hour event will include scientists, politicians and agency managers.

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